We don't know how we managed to miss a month on the airwaves with our good friends on The Grapevine on RRR but that's what happens when life has you working 7 days a week. We'll take a breather this morning, wrap our hand woven scarves tight and have a cuppa and talk up the craft highlights of this first and already very chilly month of winter!

We would be remiss if we didn't point out that while we have been so quiet on the airwaves and blog front we have been super busy in our Handmadelife Studio at Queen Victoria Market planning our mental month. This Sunday we're hosting a Natural Dye Workshop which promises to be as much about cake as it is about textiles. The following week we are appearing at the Williamstown Literary Festival (too much of US is not enough right? Kidding folks) . Week 3 we are off to Sydney for some much needed sunshine and craft shenanigans at beloved book store Kinokuniya. Finally, if we haven't collapsed we'll be hanging at the NGV serving up some tote stamping for the kids. 

The Windsor Workshop is in full swing with a program chocablock with art, craft, mindfulness, good food, great company and gorgeous surrounds. We can't recommend this space more highly. It's what we term 'worth crossing the river for'. We'd be pretty keen on the Romy Mittlelman pendant workshop on mid June. Check out their  a full calendar of events here.

Our wonderful friend and teacher Ilka White is offering a number of beautiful slow craft style workshops over the winter months. We think a day long 'Art of Repair' mending workshop at Ceres is the perfect anecdote to the winter blues. There's also a repeat of the highly popular Braided Rug Workshop that is like unlocking some amazing pioneer crafting secret, we loved it. 

The ceramics craze continues as workshops and collectives pop up all over Victoria. We'd like to say that the wonderful School of Clay and Art is the new kid on the block they in fact opened their doors over a year ago. The combination of art and clay is perfection and with tutors like Shane Kent, Neville French and Kate Jones who are all so well know for their surface decoration it is quite the dream team. We hope to get there soon!

There is an extraordinary show on at Craft this month that EVERYONE should see. Hero Worship is co curated by Debbie Pryor and Hannah Presley and explores themes of worship both personal and social and combines a clever mix of traditional and contemporary methodologies. they are also hosting the amazing work of the Victorian Weaving Collective in the window space and a host of great events throughout June/July

If you are looking for super fun holiday antics we suggest you check out the mega calendar of events on over the next few weeks at Manningham Gallery. HML friend Katie Jacobs is an amazing teacher for both kids and kidults and we have wonky wonderful bowls to prove it! Wouldn't mind making a bigfoot though, sure is the weather for it...