THE CRAFT COMPANION - The A-Z Guide to Modern Crafting

Ever found yourself wondering how to wrangle macrame, french a seam, carve a spoon,  pinch a pot or indeed gild a headboard? Then this book is for you! Inspired by the super skill-sharing tomes of the 1970's we set about rebooting the 'one stop shop' concept and devised our own comprehensive A-Z of modern craft covering all the bases with added lesser known curveballs to get you thinking and making. 

Hard, soft, simple, complex, old and new school processes from appliqué to zakka are all on the menu in this creative degustation sure to satisfy the hungriest crafter. Over 30 different crafts are explored by chapter from their earliest beginnings to newest incarnations. Each craft comes complete with specialised tools list, design tips, step by step instructions, practice project and a selection of choice project ideas to keep you busy for years. Learn techniques and how to apply them across a variety of projects, discover the rich history of craft from stone age to new age, be inspired by amazing artists and designer/makers rethinking and reinventing craft practice around the world, and be bombarded by bad craft related puns on every second page.  






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